August 23, 2021

Introducing Arbor Group Advisors

CLEVELAND, OHIO — Richard Anderson, Ted Lorenzen, & Michael Primerano announced today the formation of Arbor Group Advisors, Northeast Ohio’s newest financial planning and wealth management firm. The company recently completed a move to its headquarters located in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

The newly formed company will offer services to help individuals and families enhance financial returns and mitigate risk, achieving balance between wealth preservation and portfolio growth.

“We think of our work as helping clients make informed decisions, with an awareness of their options,” said Ted Lorenzen, founding member of the newly formed company. “We help people engage in a process of discovery, strategy, decision making, and continuous review. Whether their goals include saving for retirement, starting a business, funding an education, or simply aligning a life they love with their financial means. Our enjoyable planning process helps people create a vision and follow it.”

The firm’s partners hail from a variety of financial planning firms — some of them large and well known, others from smaller practices tightly focused on various disciplines within financial planning.

“We’ve brought together a variety of professionals under one roof who can help people and small businesses achieve financial success,” explained Michael Primerano, CFP®, AIF®, the firm’s founding member. “The average experience of our partners spans more than two decades. We believe we’ve assembled the right group of people to offer boutique services, along with resources you might expect to find at much larger firms.”

Arbor Group Advisors services include personal financial and retirement planning, estate planning, investment management, insurance analysis and acquisition, education funding, management of group retirement plans, assistance with Medicare planning, and charitable planning.

“We offer a host of ‘family CFO’ services, and we customize those services around the unique goals and aspirations of the individuals, families, and small businesses we serve,” Michael Primerano added.

The company’s new headquarters is located at 5900 Landerbook Drive, Mayfield Heights. Its web address is

Arbor Group Advisors is a Cleveland-based wealth advisor serving individuals, families, defined contribution plans, and institutions. Its team of investment advisors and financial planners offer comprehensive service and a client-centric approach to planning.