Your Passion Is Our Passion

Arbor Group Advisors offers a comprehensive array of services for individuals, families, defined contribution plans, and small-to-medium sized businesses who aim to grow wealth, protect wealth, and achieve favorable financial outcomes. Our process of discovery, strategy, decision making, and continuous review ensures our clients move in the direction of their dreams.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning helps clients meet financial goals — whether it’s having enough for short-term financial needs, planning for retirement, or saving for a child’s college education.

Success depends upon alignment of your income, expenses, savings and investments, cashflow requirements, and aspirations — and then working and revising a plan designed to achieve your goals.

Retirement Planning

If you have a goal of retiring with financial freedom, independence, and security, we can help. We’ll help you with a planning process that considers your desired age of financial independence, how much income you’ll need, where your money will come from, and how you’ll achieve your goals for retirement, all with an awareness of common risks and pitfalls that can be managed in your favor.

Everyone’s retirement is unique. But one thing’s universal. The sooner you start, the better your chances of meeting your goals for retirement.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves determining how an individual’s assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after death or incapacitation. We’ll help you develop an estate plan by working with you to identify your legacy objectives — personal or charitable — and managing various risks, expenses, and taxes. We coordinate with your tax or legal counsel as appropriate.

Investment Planning & Management

Investing requires a defined strategy, disciplined execution, and ongoing surveillance of both the portfolio, as well as the capital markets at large. By taking the emotion out of the process, we can help you tailor a portfolio that considers your accumulation goals and appetite for risk, while coordinating your investments with the rest of your financial plan.

Insurance Analysis & Acquisition

Sometimes, clients have insurance policies they bought many years ago, and they want to take a fresh look at insurance because their needs have changed. Other times, clients have neglected to protect what’s important and want to better understand their options. With deep insurance experience, we guide clients through insurance analysis and acquisition processes, helping ensure they obtain the best possible leverage and avoid mistakes.

Education Funding

The price of a college undergraduate degree for just one student now ranges from $100,000–$125,000 at state colleges to more than $260,000 for many private universities. Multiply that by two or more students and adjust upwards at 6–8% for inflation each year, and you’ll understand why many families come to us seeking help as they plan for college educations. We can help design and implement strategies that make college funding a reality.

Group Retirement Plans

Offering an employer-sponsored retirement plan to your employees can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Arbor Group Advisors can create a strategy tailored to meet your company’s specific goals.

We also understand the importance of effective communication and accountability between investment record-keepers and third-party administrators. At Arbor Group Advisors, you can be sure your plan is in experienced, capable hands.

Medicare Planning

Before you turn 65, you’ll need to make choices about Medicare benefit options. There’s original Medicare (Parts A & B), and there’s Medicare Advantage Plan (known as Part C). Both plans offer hospital and medical coverage, but each works differently. There are also prescription drug choices and Medicare supplement choices to make. We can help you navigate enrollment processes with an awareness of your options.

Charitable Planning

There are many ways we can help with your charitable planning and giving. We can connect you with organizations that align with your goals, help you establish or manage a family foundation, and provide design assistance for various charitable giving strategies. Whatever your philanthropic vision, we can make a difference in how you make a difference.