Mark Tichar


Imagine that you and I just sat down for a cup of coffee and we are getting to know each other, and the conversation turns to your finances. These are likely some of your questions. Here are my replies.

What do you do?

I strive to be a multigenerational planner, looking backward for indicators of who my clients were, then more importantly, looking forward to who they want to become and how their resources serve that vision.

I ask great questions that help reveal that vision. And through that revelation, we discover financial and life goals and plan accordingly.

A simple process I use leads clients to a better understanding of themselves and their vision. That understanding and vision reveals how clients relate to money and how they seek to apply that money to a lifetime of doing and working and being in this life.

Once this process is critically reviewed and evaluated, we take that knowledge and create a plan to achieve wealth and giving-legacy goals. Over time, this cycle continues at higher and deeper levels.

Why do you do this?

Acknowledging money’s important role while making it a servant to my clients’ desire to live a life of meaning and purpose gives me great joy. That, along with knowing I help clients save time for other pursuits and avoid becoming mired in unnecessary financial worry.

How do you do this?

Assess, ask, wonder. Carefully apply clients’ thoughts, opinions, and decisions.

Here is my process:

  • Begin by gathering personal and hard financial data and assemble it into a plan.
  • Integrate that plan into a modeling software tool.
  • Apply thoughtful analysis, then make recommendations on all aspects of personal financial planning.
  • Initiate the process of constant and consistent review with the goal of clients achieving satisfaction with their progress and applying meaning to their wealth.
Who have you done this for?

Mostly pre-retirees along with collegiate professors and administrators and small business owners and their families (from boomers to millennials!).

I build my client base organically and not by acquisition, with the goal of maintaining about 100 planning clients.

What makes you different?

That which binds us frees us! I have been bound by faith, family, and work for a long time. My commitment to these makes me — I believe — better for those with whom I am a good fit.

Why should I work with you?

Because we are a good fit.

Because you enjoy consistent, timely, and relevant follow up and follow through.

Because you value what a great teacher and coach brings to the relationship and to learning.

And because you enjoy applying what you’ve learned — applying your financial theory to life and letting your life inform that theory.


I am married and have five children and 11 grandchildren. Long before my career as a financial planner and advisor, I taught at St. Edward High School for nine cherished years. Those years grabbed a hold of my passion for learning and teaching, turning it into a life-long love.

My bride of many years, Mary Rose, is a former program director at Case Western Reserve University and is now a career counselor at her business, InsideOut Career Direction.

Faith, family, friends, fishing, reading, thinking, working out, and traveling — all things I cherish and enjoy! Mary Rose and I have been proud Clevelanders our entire lives.

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